to the website of the Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association, WSKOV

Our winter concerts are coming. On Friday the 15th of December we will play in the Johannes de Doper church (Bergstraat 17, Wageningen) and on Saturday the 16th of December we will play in the church on the Market (Markt 1, Wageningen). Both concerts will start at 20.00 o'clock and the doors will open at 19:30. Possibly there will be an introduction about our program (Dutch composers), more information about this will follow. If you're interested you should pay attention to the website and/or the facebook page. 

Our program for this season will be: 


Viool concert - Andriessen
La Celebrazione - Andriessen


Wanderers Nachtlied - Diepenbrock
Chanson d'Automne - Diepenbrock
Salve Regina - Verheij
Cantate Domino - Sweelinck
De Nevel Dekt Ons - Heije
Pater Noster - de Klerk

Joint Piece:

The Path - Kooreman

You can order tickets for the concerts here, for more info and photos you can also take a look at our facebook page.

(Our next open rehearsals will take place in 2018: On the 9th and 16th of January for the orchestra and on the 11th and the 18th of January for the choir.)



The WSKOV consists of a symphony orchestra and a choir. We give a concert at least twice a year. It contains a cappella and orchestra pieces and a joint piece of classical music. Sometimes we go on tour (on August 2017 we are going to Spain!), play at events or do other special performances. You can find the music of the last seasons by going to Concerts/Repertoire. Under Association you can find out more about the WSKOV, its history and the Van Uven Stichting, which has an important function as an administrator of sheet music and classical instruments for the benefit of amateur musicians.The repertoire and upcoming concert dates of the current season can be found directly under the Concert button.

The orchestra is directed by Frank Adams and the choir by Krista Audere. Every week the orchestra rehearses on Tuesday and the choir on Thursday, from 19.30 to 22.00 in the Aula building of Wageningen University, Generaal Foulkesweg 1.
As we are an active association, we offer, besides the music, concerts and rehearsal weekends, all kinds of fun activities like a barbecue, game night, gala and an open stage. We're a vibrant association with a lot of great activities!